About Me

Kathleen Brigham Divorce MediationWhen I was facing the end of my own marriage, I found it difficult to map a productive path between tough talking lawyers, well meaning therapists and supportive but uneasy friends and family. I found it to be very disorienting at a time when I was looking for clarity.

My approach is not meant to be a substitute to traditional psychotherapy. Therapy can be very helpful in working through the issues around your divorce and relationships…I highly recommend it! But the timeline does not necessarily match the optimal timeline for divorce.

My approach helps deal with more immediate obstacles that emerge in the process. It is designed to be a catalyst to create a personal divorce plan, and to accelerate the path to resolution and peace.

Kathleen graduated from Middlebury College and has a masters from Columbia Teacher’s College. She completed her divorce mediation certification at The Center for Mediation and Training. She is currently working towards her coaching certificate. PLEASE NOTE: Working with Kathleen is not meant to replace legal counsel. Her services provide support, guidance, and clarity to assist in your next step, be in separation, divorce or reconciliation.

She lives with her three children in Rye, New York.