Thank you Kathleen! After the first meeting, she gave me an accountable sense of confidence and the proper resources to help me deal with my wife’s infidelity. Kathleen has a very compassionate spirit as well as a broad, knowledgeable and sensible focus that provided me with not only legal advice but comfort regarding the most damaging personal ramifications of divorce proceedings. Kathleen was able to facilitate my concerns about my children as well as my extended family; She has a determination to assist you in making the right decision during a very trying time.
Craig M. from Michigan

Even after consulting with lawyers & accountants, I was still baffled by the whole difficult process. Kathleen Brigham then clarified all the confusing & complicated aspects of it with such grace and broad knowledge. Not only did I feel empowered & armed with important information after the session, I am truly grateful for the strength it gave me as well as feeling less daunted and ready to take on the uncomfortable journey. I am indebted to Kathleen for her insights, knowledge and guidance. Every person going through the divorce process or about to enter into one will immensely benefit from her.
Alexandra L. from Los Angeles, CA

It is said that the only people who can get you through difficult times are your closest girlfriends. While I found this to be true, I often felt that my sob story was too much to foist on my friends. With Kathleen’s services, not only do you feel as though you are talking with one of your closest girlfriends – but also, you get extremely sound proactive advice that I COULD NOT FIND ANYWHERE ELSE. You can ask Kathleen your stupid questions and not feel stupid for asking them. She fills in a lot of the blanks that are not covered by a lawyer or other friends who have gone through a separation or a divorce. All the while, Kathleen takes pains to make certain that you can stay on track with keeping things very kind, compassionate and respectful. It is extremely helpful to talk to someone who has been through the journey and come out the other side a fully functioning joyful person so willing to help others. I learned so much from her anecdotes about how she handled things and from her reflections on how she would have done some things differently based on the knowledge she gained from creating her practice. Learning from Kathleen has saved me a lot of time, anguish and further heartbreak. I could not get through this process with out her.
Elisabeth T. from Wenham, MA